WHO – This website (http://HWRichard.info) is dedicated to supporting women as they navigate the breast cancer experience. It will cover the topics of coping with the diagnosis and medical intervention, healing, recovery and body image. The posts are geared toward African American women 50 and over, although all women are welcome.


WHAT – Moreover, this is a place for caregivers and friends to better understand how women can survive this and more!


WHEN – I will add posts (stories & features) every week (Thursday) about my experiences, research and ways to support each other through this adventure.


WHY – I am doing this because many people helped me and I know there are others who long for some tips, some place to speak or just someone to make their day brighter/lighter.  


Yes, hopefully, the weekly posts will help us all move into a more positive space.


To check out the latest story, adventure or challenge, click a title under Thursday Blog Postings.

Dr. Harriette