I Am Really Glad To Be Back in Stride Again!

Dr. Harriette

Having issues with lymphedema (swelling) in my left arm. To help remedy that I’m down 30 lbs using keto and now going to get my arm wrapped to hopefully reduce its size. This last swelling was due to sunburn.


(Some research and anecdotal evidence suggest a ketogenic diet may also help those with Lymphedema.)


Anyway, after editing, adding a picture, and pressing POST. I panicked! 😱 I think the post went to my general FB page and not the closed group!


  • Why had I panicked? “What was I ashamed/embarrassed about?”
  • Was it that I didn’t want people to see what was going on with me now?”
  • I mean, “I’ve been wearing compression sleeves for a couple of years.


I’m still unclear, regarding my panic. But I decided, “It’s okay. It’s done & out there!” Then I couldn’t find the doggone post! Yep, it disappeared! So, I decided to write about it and post it on my blog site. Yep, the one I stopped in January of this year, but evidently – I’m starting again. 


For two years I posted every Thursday about Healing, Breast Cancer and Body Image at  Hwrichard.info This time may not be as frequent – once a month, every two weeks, or new and different topics. Who knows? 


What Counts?
I’m beginning again! So welcome back or if you’re new to the site, I’m glad you’re here also – buckle up! It’s gonna be an interesting ride.



“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”  Dr. Martin Luther King


Check out Lymphedema Podcast for more information on Lymphedema.

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Love ya,
Dr. Harriette

Maybe This is What Seeing Clearly Really Means

This past week I edited an article I co-wrote after we received “conditional approval”. I thought I needed just a couple of hours – 4 hours max. I started at 6pm and it took me 12 hours to complete the edits!


I lost track of time.  Has that ever happened to you? Wow, I have never pulled an all-nighter, except maybe during pledging, but that was years ago.


By the time I finished getting ready and was on my way to work I noticed something was not right.


My eyes were red, painful, teary and I could barely see to drive. I had to email my students and department chair, let my classes go and then drive back home. (I should have called Uber.)



I’ve never prayed that much while on the road (unless you count the time we were coming home  on an icy highway, from our honeymoon and I mistakenly grabbed the steering wheel & put us into a tailspin, but that was a long time ago).  Why did I go to school nearly unable to see? (I won’t be impatient the next time someone drives slowly in front of me).


I finally made it home and depended on the kindness of my bffs to get to urgent care, pick up meds and get back home. Things were taken care of and by the next morning I could see clearly.


I’ve only been in that much pain when I kept my contacts in too long years ago. That time I had to have my eyes bandaged for 2 days. We were traveling to Arkansas and I remember Edward guiding me around. Somehow I kept bumping into things. It was not a good experience. This too was not a good experience. But with everything there are lessons learned. Some are above in parentheses and here are a few more:


  • I do put my hand in my eyes too frequently. I can’t do that anymore!
  • I’ve got to take it easy and as Edward says “Take care of myself.” (I evidently don’t know what that means because I thought that was what I was doing, but I guess not.)
  • I’m just thinking again about being thankful. Sometimes I think I really don’t understand how much I should be thankful for even basic things.



What Counts?
All I could do was lay down, rest and pray. I don’t know what the lesson was other than the items above and to slow my roll. But is my being quieter, less rushed, more pensive really the lesson? How will I know?

I know things will work out. I don’t know exactly how, but I have faith that things will and not in a Pollyanna way.

I didn’t do a post last week. I’m glad I am back!

Love you all,

Dr. Harriette

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