What Do You Think About Not Thinking?

As I prepared for the 1st day of school, I realized there was so much I wanted to share with my scholars. I am always too anxious & excited that whole first day!  I am unsure whether I’ll be able to answer all of their questions. Will I be clear? Will they enjoy the class? Will I have time to do all I want to do in class? Will they see psychology all around them? Yep, that last one’s my #1 goal! Read More

I Want to Be A Bad Woman!

InStyle Magazine

There were lots of movers & shakers, activists, entrepreneurs, bosses and girlfriends in New Orleans. The new African-American female mayors of Atlanta and Charlotte North Carolina were front & center on stage at the Essence festival. Those and many other experiences continue to reverberate long after the event! Read More

In What Courageous Way Did You Last Stand Up?

Urbanisms by Frank Morrison

What does it mean to“come to yourself.” Or to be“woke”?


Airing Dirty Laundry
For Aunt Vi, in OWN’s Queen Sugar, when she asked her niece – Nola to “Come to herself” she meant in the simplest terms Don’t display your [family‘s] dirty laundry. In fact she implied, there was something wrong with telling what happened within their family, even if it meant helping others struggling with the same issue.

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What To Do When You Are Sick or How To Recover Quickly

Some things I was doing while recovering from bronchitis were looking at things that were funny on Netflix & cable tv, resting, taking my meds, listening to podcasts that made me think and reflecting on what I am going to do from this point forward – NOT how did I get to this point! Read More

How to Tell If There Is a Clothes Horse in Your Closet

I’m getting ready to change my closet over. I’m trying to remember to use only my right arm to haul stuff. (Yes, I’m wearing my sleeve on the left arm and now that that’s settled, let’s move on.) It has been winter for so long I haven’t even thought about changing it over until this week. It’s still kind of cool. We’re in the last three weeks of school. During this Spring semester, I haven’t pulled out the summer things yet, because it’s been cool or raining and cloudy.  Read More