I Want to Be A Bad Woman!

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There were lots of movers & shakers, activists, entrepreneurs, bosses and girlfriends in New Orleans. The new African-American female mayors of Atlanta and Charlotte North Carolina were front & center on stage at the Essence festival. Those and many other experiences continue to reverberate long after the event! Read More

And The Winner Is – The Ogre!

Well, I just got back from my 45th college reunion at Hampton (Institute) University. It was, in a word – amazing! It was great seeing everyone, giving each other hugs and trying to remember faces as we looked down at the lanyard on their neck to glimpse their freshman face & remember who this is. (I know, grammatically incorrect.) Fortunately, the 1st names were large enough so I could see them and figure it out. Read More

I Learned a Valuable Lesson When I Failed

So today’s blog is about commitment and failure. So, how did I not stick to what I said I’d do? Usually, I do fairly well with my Lenten commitment. I still give up something for Lent. I know it is old fashioned in this age of doing and having everything we want instantly.
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What Will Make You Look Marvelous, Even With Scars?

Leah Henry, artist, Breast Strokes, ATL

Remember the phrase “Beauty for Ashes”? You know, it’s when you trade in your ashes or bad thing for something beautiful. It can be a redeemed soul or an upgrade. The exchange is simply having something you thought was bad turn into something sublime.

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A Life-Saver of a Book

Lifetime Movie – Why I wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy

A real life-line book, one that will take you play-by-play through the breast cancer journey is The Silver Lining: A Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer by Hollye Jacobs. I wish I had this book in the beginning of my journey, because it really takes you through everything! Read More