Surprising Spotlight on World Lymphedema Day March 6 – Part 1

Just as I was about to think I didn’t have to do anything about my lymphedema, it would flare up! I noticed my arm had swollen during the past 2 weeks. I tried to recall if I had a cut anywhere on the arm or hand or even a sunburn. Well, nothing like that occurred. I asked the doctor if my kickboxing and punching had done anything to harm my arm. He said, “No, that wouldn’t do it.” Read More

How to Actually Do Your Best Dancing!

Some of my friends and I are learning a few new line dances. Let me just say these line dances are not like the electric slide, bus stop or some of those more familiar ones. Oh no! This is a whole new breed. The first one we learned was relatively simple. You know cha-cha up, pivot cha-cha back, a couple of steps here and a couple of steps there – step out and back in. (They lured us in with the easy one.) Read More

This is What I Love About A New Adventure

Project Runway

You’re never too old to try something new! Yeah, Right. That’s what I thought when I started running at age 44 and some years later – after my 3rd Marathon, I’d had enough. It’s also what I thought when I signed up to do Roller-blading at 50+. Both were new adventures, but I would do almost anything for TNT – The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. On my own, I have even tried bodybuilding, volkswalking, and some others I won’t even mention. So, what now? Read More

Water – How Clean is Yours?

OK, I want to talk about water, clean drinkable water. Boy, is that ever a moving target! I listened to an astronaut the other day and how he drank everyone’s pee (everyone did – after it had been treated-purified and cleansed) because they were on the space station for at least a year and carrying enough water is difficult. Read More

What Will Make You Look Marvelous, Even With Scars?

Leah Henry, artist, Breast Strokes, ATL

Remember the phrase “Beauty for Ashes”? You know, it’s when you trade in your ashes or bad thing for something beautiful. It can be a redeemed soul or an upgrade. The exchange is simply having something you thought was bad turn into something sublime.

Read More

Healthy, Happy & ______

The college years me.

I just thought I would write a blog extolling the worthiness of excellence! As I read Gabrielle Union‘s book We’re Going to Need More Wine, particularly when she talks about Prince, I thought about how I wanted to say to her “Girl, you don’t know your own worth.” But I know she does. Read More