Great is Your Faithfulness & Amazing is Your Grace

Tomorrow is the first day of my challenge. My question is, “How can I stay motivated to stick with this challenge?” Whenever you start a new thing – whether it’s a new job, a new marriage, a new baby, or a new vacation; there’s always the question of how hard will the new task be.  You know, what will it take for me to be successful each day? Read More

And The Winner Is – The Ogre!

Well, I just got back from my 45th college reunion at Hampton (Institute) University. It was, in a word – amazing! It was great seeing everyone, giving each other hugs and trying to remember faces as we looked down at the lanyard on their neck to glimpse their freshman face & remember who this is. (I know, grammatically incorrect.) Fortunately, the 1st names were large enough so I could see them and figure it out. Read More

How to Tell If There Is a Clothes Horse in Your Closet

I’m getting ready to change my closet over. I’m trying to remember to use only my right arm to haul stuff. (Yes, I’m wearing my sleeve on the left arm and now that that’s settled, let’s move on.) It has been winter for so long I haven’t even thought about changing it over until this week. It’s still kind of cool. We’re in the last three weeks of school. During this Spring semester, I haven’t pulled out the summer things yet, because it’s been cool or raining and cloudy.  Read More

Feeling Like I’m on Top of the World – NOT

It’s such a push-pull or approach-avoidance when you’re not feeling well and finally resign yourself to taking a self-care day.  I am usually moving so fast that I don’t take the time to rest. Today, however I need to stop and fight off this approaching cold.


This morning, after staying in bed for a couple of more hours I feel like I need to get up and do some work. But the pull is I am weak and tired. Too tired to perhaps get out but that is just the tiredness talking, right.


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