First of all, they are addictive, like Christmas lights. I mean, I can’t watch just one! I’m talking about Lifetime, UP, and Hallmark made-for-TV movies.

My number one way to relax during the holidays has been to watch Christmas movies. No! That’s not quite true. I’ve been watching them since July. They just chill me out. They are so happy, but often they make me cry.


Yes, I know they’re only movies. But it’s the sentiment and remembrances of family, holidays, friendships, and love that just warm my heart.


This time of year everyone’s busy shopping & making a list of what they want for Christmas. And sure these little sappy movies don’t necessarily replace real life feelings. But they do serve as reminders of what I have now or had in the past. (Hopefully, your memories are good too.)


And I’m starting to collect some new holiday favorites – The Christmas Train, This Christmas, Trading Christmas, A Wonderful Life (as an adopted kid, I love it!) and all The Christmas Carol-ish ones (like A Diva’s Christmas Carol, Scrooged, etc).


By the way, what are some of your favorites?



What Counts?

What relaxes you? Chills you out? Let’s do more of that!

I may be a bit too relaxed at this point, since I just bought my first Christmas gifts yesterday. One could say, I’m way behind. I say, I’m being thoughtful with my choices. This year, I’m resting on the “It’s the thought that counts” belief!



So with heartfelt love and compassion, I say to each of you – Merry Christmas!


“Christmas, my child, is love in action.” – Dale Evans


Dr. Harriette

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