I love lipsticks! A new lipstick color can make you feel a little bit differently about yourself. If I Had a Choice of Colors post

One day I was biting my lip. I know I’m not supposed to, but sometimes I do anyway. I’m trying to stop! I mean Michael Jordan had his tongue hanging out when he went up for that lay-up. Okay, so biting my lip is nothing like going up and seemingly hanging in the air.  I think I do it unconsciously, when I am concentrating (like Mike) or even nervous about something.  
Anyway, as I was biting my lip, I noticed something felt weird. I wasn’t sure what was going on, was it a rash, a sunburn or what? It was summertime, so maybe my commutes to see my grandsons caused more sun to be on my face? I didn’t know so I started trying to figure this little puzzle out.
Give Me Some Base 
Now I am a lipstick wearer. Something on them at ALL times! A base: Burt’s bees, or a natural product … and maybe a color too. Right now I have a neutral, a deep red and my signature red in my purse ;).


After wearing the same lipstick for a while, I put it in a drawer, I actually think I might use that tube again. Ha! Sometimes I will run across an old lipstick and I try it on and remember what was happening when I last wore that color. But that is not a wise thing to do. Who knows how long that lipstick sat in that drawer?



Out with the Old, In with the New
This lip rash continued to bother me so, I threw out pretty much every lipstick I owned and started again with a new batch. Problem solved!  I never really knew whether it was a sunburn, a reaction to something I ate, or whether the lipstick caused it. All I know is it hasn’t happened since the big toss.



And even if old lipstick wasn’t the cause, it has made me more aware of the toxic risk of old makeup. I thought I was supposed to use lipsticks for only 6 months. Since I wasn’t sure, I looked it up. It’s longer! Shorter, if the color has changed or it smells funny.  Anyway, here’s the link, so you can toss your cosmetic before some creepy bacteria enters your life – Toss them when.



What Counts?
If you can’t remember how long ago you bought it, you’re better off tossing it! 

On a bad day there’s always lipstick. – Aubrey Hepburn

Dr. Harriette

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