Sometimes we just want to do something that puts us back at the beginning, before everything started!  Well, start is where we are right now. All we have to do is choose to move.

This is a critical time for you. Post traumatic growth likely occurs after this breast cancer experience and it sets you up to really have a growth surge! You thought you were bad before? Look out world, you are here to kick butt and take names.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter what you do first. It could be deciding to journal daily, meditating or praying first thing in the morning (before you get out of bed), starting a plank with a 15 second hold and adding a few seconds each day. You may elect to become more involved, serve on a national board, launch a new business. The important thing is to take care of yourself and do what you want to do.



What Counts?

So, today let’s do just that. Check out one or two of these sites to see what you might use to help you get started.

Finding YOURSELF after cancer site

Sexy After Cancer site

She keeps going – Legislator

Only You (can do it) Song

My Resource Page

Have a Great Weekend!

Dr. Harriette

Let me know what you think.