One of my favorite songs happened to shuffle up on my playlist. “Hole in the wall” made me think about a fun and wild time over 30 years ago.

Up Town
It makes me recall a time when my husband and I (newlyweds) moved out of our home state to Texas. A few years later, a lady’s club (La Chic) I was in supported a young lady running for Miss Orange Texas. She won the city title so we ventured to Dallas for the major event, The Ms. Texas Pageant.

We, 7 ladies, had a great time during our 8 hour drive to Dallas (singing along with Whitney Houston and this new singer – Anita Baker). We ended up going to some club once we got there around noon. I guess it was a club?  Music played, there was a large dance floor and food was served. Maybe we stopped for the food?


I don’t know what made us stop, but we had a great time. No one started dancing in the club until mid afternoon and we stayed until well past midnight! We had a good time talking, meeting people and dancing. The next day we attended the Pageant. Our contestant did not win, but we enjoyed the trip!

Not So Up Town
The next adventure that comes to mind, when I hear that song, was when I attended a conference in San Antonio. A friend of ours wanted several of us (men and women) to join her on a date because she didn’t know the guy she was going out with very well. So, she enlisted about 7 of us to go with them!

We went with them to one of those “hole in the wall” places. Yes, we were reluctant to go in. We didn’t stay “til 7 o’clock” am, but we stayed a very long time. We had a great time! By the time we left we felt like we knew everyone in the place! That was over 30 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.  I am still friends with most of the people in our small group. We will never forget that night in Texas!


What Counts?
You never know what will trigger a memory. It could be a fragrance, a glimpse of a familiar face, or a song. Some people do come into your life only for a season. But that season is often a happy one, and the memory can trigger a smile, a chuckle or a head shake.

In this season of giving and remembering – I wish you fond memories and happy thoughts.


“Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Mary Oliver

Dr. Harriette

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  1. Love that song! Reminds me of the hole in the wall we hung out in when my friends and I went to Memphis 😃

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