Some of my friends and I are learning a few new line dances. Let me just say these line dances are not like the electric slide, bus stop or some of those more familiar ones. Oh no! This is a whole new breed. The first one we learned was relatively simple. You know cha-cha up, pivot cha-cha back, a couple of steps here and a couple of steps there – step out and back in. (They lured us in with the easy one.)


An Active Mind
We know we should keep our minds active.  That’s, in part, why we learn new things – do crossword puzzles, word chums, or pick up a new language. The more we learn, the more we can move, the better we are in terms of our own longevity.


I am a Life-long learner.  Whenever I read anything about longevity or Blue zones, I see people moving, walking, gardening and keeping active. As we get older, who says we can’t dance?


We’re learning this new line dance and maybe others because we want to do something new and different. Specifically, we want to continue to dance, move and have fun! Although we may not be doing the Argentine Tango as Dr. Christine Northrup does, but we are still doing a lot with these line dances!



Move & Groove
Well, without much further ado; we learned  that first one an
d got ready for the next one. Ha!!! We got the new one a couple of weeks ago. Let me just say this, we may be older than we were when we were in college, but we can still move and groove. And this one puts us to the test!


Dancing is one of those things that was fun to do when we were growing up. The first few times after you learned the steps, you did it pretty much the same way you were taught. But then – you got familiar with it and BAM! You were adding twists, turns, stops, and little movements in the middle of the dance.


It really only takes a week or two to create some new variations. The dance is no longer the simple steps you learned initially. You have now put your own special funk on it, right?



Let’s Dance!
So we practiced Saturday (Lynetta, JC and I). We aren’t there yet with our own variations. Let me speak for myself – I’m not there yet. But you can bet we will be there by the time things get going! Here’s to learning something new and dancing!


BTW What have you learned that’s new to you lately?


What Counts? 
Let’s see you move to this song. You don’t really need anybody.


“Every time I dance, I’m trying to prove myself to myself.” Misty Copeland


Dr. Harriette

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