Healing and Body Work take many different forms. Sometimes we do it by pushing and pulling our bodies and hair into all sorts of contortions. Sometimes we do it by pushing down feelings and emotions. Sometimes we do it by playing ‘dumb’, when we know the true answer.


What do we sacrifice, when we do any of that? Maybe a lot, maybe a little, either way it’s our choice. However, there are some things we have to take a stand on.


Decide today what is important to you and in the words of MJ “make that change”.


Today’s Post highlights a 2 Part series designed to offer avenues of change and support.


What is a standard of beauty? What is your standard of beauty? Let’s support whatever you think it is, Beautiful! That’s what counts. #Standardsofbeauty #Healingisbeyondskindeep

Let me know what you think.