So how do you prepare for a class reunion? Not my class reunion, but the rival high school my husband attended many moons ago.


Who do I know?
I know of a few of Edward’s classmates, I mean I can count them on one, maybe two hands. I didn’t spend my entire childhood in Little Rock, so I don’t know everybody like Edward knows everybody. He was in school with most of his high school classmates from Kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond. There were some classmates who lived in the neighborhood and went to the boy’s club. He also knew classmate’s siblings and then there’s family, family friends and the list goes on. These were times when we walked to school so you got to know your neighbors and the neighborhood.


Besides attending a different high school from Edward, he and his classmates are older. (It’s only one year, but back then, as children, one year made a big difference).


So yes, I’m preparing to go with him as we go back to LRA and hang out with his classmates. So, how do I prepare for this you ask? Well, first, I make sure I’m looking pretty good, my hair and nails done and I look casual, but not like I’m going to the store (except you should always look put together in Chicago, even when going to the store).


Anyway. I’m probably too concerned about how I look. I mean he married me and although he has only gained a 1/2 pound per year since his Senior Year, I have gained a bit more than that. Nonetheless, we are both looking forward to this event!



What to Wear?
Now again, I know what I wear doesn’t matter to anyone, but me. Edward will still have no idea what he’s going to wear up until the night before we leave, whereas I’ve been thinking about this for at least a month.


Edward believes I either over-dressed (dressy) or under-dressed. I have to admit I would always rather be over-dressed. My dressy style is not business attire, even at work. It is, casual with an edge.


As for my hair, I think this is the longest time I have worn my hair in the same style. Well not style so much but I’ve had locs since 2000 with a bald look (2010) in between then and now (due to chemo).



What to Pack?
The real packing problem is shoes. It appears that my trip necessitates 4 pairs of shoes, not counting the pair I wear on the plane. But the activities are pool, banquet, chit-chat. Hey, I know many people who would definitely take more than 4 pair of shoes for a weekend trip.


There are two packing rules I’ve learned from my daughter, Camille:
Number 1 – Never remove anything you’ve packed because you think you might not need it. ( I can’t tell you how many times that little rule saved me from going shopping and taking time away from friends and family.)


Number 2 – Check my bag, so I just have a purse and light carry-on. (Camille only carries her purse on the plane.) Paying that extra money to check my bag helps relieve my stress about placing it in the overhead compartment. Yep, here’s the adventure to go with that thought – “I had bad experience.”



It Doesn’t Matter
Despite my emphasis on clothing and looking good. (I need to remind myself of Luke 12:22-25) The point of the trip is to renew friendships, remember the good old times and enjoy the activities. I am sure classmates will also remember those who are not with them anymore and feel a bit sad. That feeling is a bitter-sweet one as they remember the good times they all shared growing up together.



What Counts?
Edward hanging out with his friends, me being Edward’s wife and just taking it all in as he laughs and talks with folks he’s known, but hasn’t seen in (20 years or more). How many people get the chance to hang out with people they grew up with and still want to do it? Continue to “live well and prosper”.


May a warm ray of sunshine peek through your window and find its way into everything you do today. American Greeting Card

Dr. Harriette

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  1. Casual with an edge. I think that’s my style too😀. Fun read! I feel you on prep time for reunions. Kind of a big deal. But not really. In the end it’s about the community, rekindling relationships, the human factor and just having fun:))))

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