This is the Positive Body Image Resource Page on the (Through a Mirror Dimly) blog site. What Counts? What you choose to add.

Work it Out!
Ways to stay on track with your workout. Ways to stay on track

Every Body Yoga
By JassamynStanley. I love her yoga because it makes me think I might be able to do it too. (She is much better than me, but I can hope.)

This is for you, taken From Yoga Journal – Self Care


Body Image Links 

A little of Everything  A Website for the care of Black Women

Kriss Carr presents Dr.Christine Northrop who give 5 tips on being an Ageless Goddess

Social comparisons may appear so right, but they can be so misleading and cause you to focus on the wrong thing. Social comparisons link


Mastectomy Needs

Wardrobe boot camp: Dressing after a mastectomy
By Styling You, short & useful.

A different prosthesis from BBC Stories    Knitted knockers

Unique Boutique  –
A place to buy Breast forms, Masectomy Bras, wigs and more  located in Charlotte, NC


The Fashionista You Are

Fabulous after 40
This is the right word for this site for 40s, 50s, 60s and up! Hair, shoes, clothes. It’s a fashion magazine in itself!

Fashionable & Confident over 40
Let’s see what you think?

Clothes, trends, fun & sometimes interesting articles

Fabulous Clothing 

Funky Fashions


Ways of Centering

Journaling Journaling Help

Headspace App – Price varies lowest one is $12.99

Mental health – Mental Health and Black women

Grounding –

Grounding/Earthing by Dr. Mercola

 Here’s how grounding helps

The Urban Monk
Programs designed to give you more energy. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and much more!



Sometimes it’s about relationships.

Dr Thornton on Relationships

Packing tip – 100 items packed in a carry on


What Counts?

Please send me any of your favorite sites, so I can add them to this grouping. Start new categories, if you like.

There appears to be so much out there! Let me hear what you find interesting, fun, enlightening or appealing.

A Video Thank you from me.

Dr. Harriette