How to Tell If There Is a Clothes Horse in Your Closet

I’m getting ready to change my closet over. I’m trying to remember to use only my right arm to haul stuff. (Yes, I’m wearing my sleeve on the left arm and now that that’s settled, let’s move on.) It has been winter for so long I haven’t even thought about changing it over until this week. It’s still kind of cool. We’re in the last three weeks of school. During this Spring semester, I haven’t pulled out the summer things yet, because it’s been cool or raining and cloudy.  Read More

Surprising Spotlight on World Lymphedema Day March 6 – Part 2

Dr. Harriette’s new sleeve & gauntlet

Ten Things to Remember
I have a sleeve that I use often. Okay – occasionally. No – every now and then. Okay, so I don’t always wear my lymphedema sleeve. But, I usually wear the night one. Anyway, now I will be wearing my sleeve. In fact, I ordered a new daytime one since the old one is really, really tight. Read More

Surprising Spotlight on World Lymphedema Day March 6 – Part 1

Just as I was about to think I didn’t have to do anything about my lymphedema, it would flare up! I noticed my arm had swollen during the past 2 weeks. I tried to recall if I had a cut anywhere on the arm or hand or even a sunburn. Well, nothing like that occurred. I asked the doctor if my kickboxing and punching had done anything to harm my arm. He said, “No, that wouldn’t do it.” Read More

Seeing Breast Cancer Issues Clearly

“My 1st breast cancer surgery was a lumpectomy. The 2nd surgery, 3 years later was a mastectomy.” This post is about my lack of understanding about what to do after the tram flap reconstruction operation failed, what you are not told and what you can do. Oh, a tram flap is when part of the abdominal muscle group (skin, tissue, fat) is moved onto the breast area. “TMI?” Now, along the way, there is a muscle cut, a ‘new’ belly button, and some other things happen. To make a longer story short, my breast mound did not grow and there were complications. Read More