I went looking for Rihanna’s Fenty Mattemoiselle Lipsticks a couple of days after they were released. You know, the 14 new shades.

Yep, I do love lipsticks! Love lipsticks Although whenever I wear lipstick, I tend to get it on my face and clothes. From the vloggers I understand this is possible with Fenty. However, there’s so much more to get excited about.
I looked at the website 21Ninety, which featured 15 vloggers trying on and talking about the new product line. I also watched other Fashion vloggers with different skin tones and ethnicities do swatches. I wanted to see how the lipshades looked on a variety of people. 
Then I went to Sephora to select the ones I thought would look best on me. Let me just say, first of all, I can’t wear all the shades because – I don’t want to say I’m too old – I’ll simply say there are some shades that are not my style.


However, I did find three shades that looked good on me so I got those: Griselda, Fickle Fiesta and Shawty. Second, I even tried on some that were really too freaky for me. I don’t know why I still want to get the navy blue and dark brown one.  If I were edgy, I‘d try to rock Clapback and PMS, but I just couldn’t do it! I definitely can’t pull off Ya Dig or Midnight Washabi either!

The women shopping in Sephora were trying lipstick swatches and as I looked at them I noticed they were probably half my age. Is this not for my generation or maybe people my age just don’t shop there at this time of day?
Regardless, it was fun! This is a great way to start my new year, I’m not taking myself so seriously. Sometimes you just need a break from all that’s happening. Below, I have included a few of the vlogs that helped me with my Fenty fun


There’s also a couple of videos on the Do’s and Don’ts of applying eyeshadow and eyeliner to diminish hooded eyes. I love these daring ladies who show us a little bit of black and brown girl magic.  



Videos – Fenty Beauty lipstick swatches

Irisbeilin (966K subscribers)


Ellarie (5K subscribers) – 

Anti-gorgeous (4.8K subscribers) 


Andrea Renee 

Hooded Eye Do’s and Don’ts


“I could stop buying makeup… but I’m no quitter.”
Dr. Harriette

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  1. This was fun and a light, bright way to start 2018! Praying for next level success with your blog and all that’s before you.

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