This is a:

  • Positive Space
  • Place for someone who has breast cancer, had/ will have mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, has had or is thinking about reconstruction and who is concerned about their body image.
  • Place for someone:
    • Looking for information
    • Hopes there is a brighter side to all of this
    • Wanting to get information in a group setting without having to leave the house
    • Looking for something uplifting
    • Not wanting to share in person, but wants to just “lurk” and hear/see the opinions of others
    • Looking to contribute every once in a while
    • Looking to comment a lot! (You may begin at any time.)
    • Giving care to someone who has had breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation or a mastectomy
    • Looking for insight and positivity
    • Wants to talk about what the heck is going on with my body and mind!

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