Project Runway

You’re never too old to try something new! Yeah, Right. That’s what I thought when I started running at age 44 and some years later – after my 3rd Marathon, I’d had enough. It’s also what I thought when I signed up to do Roller-blading at 50+. Both were new adventures, but I would do almost anything for TNT – The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. On my own, I have even tried bodybuilding, volkswalking, and some others I won’t even mention. So, what now?


Well, kickboxing! and “Why not?” A colleague of mine mentioned she went to kickboxing classes. I was intrigued.  I finally worked up the nerve to say, “Hey, when you go, let me know, I might want to try it?” (Note the uncertainty.)


The New Adventure
Well, she told me a couple of times she was going and then I decided okay. I’ll give it a try. So, I went last week. Now, let me clearly state, “It was going to be a one time and one time only deal.” But they offered me a 3 visit package (within the next 10 days) and they gave me GLOVES. I put gloves on my hands, to hit this heavy 135 pound bag. Let me not be the first to say –  accessories are great! Yes, I know I tease my son-in-law about the kids’ sneakers seemingly being the main event and clothes are the accessories. But this is different or maybe not?


When I started running, I had to get the right clothes. Roller blading, well most of the gear is for safety, but there are extras you can still add! Okay, so gloves made me stay. You know how some restaurant used to say ” “Come for dinner, stay for dessert” or something like that! Well, after the gloves, I was in – hook, line, and sinker.



Taking My Time
The surprising thing about my 1st visit was – it was an hour long! Somehow, I thought 30 minutes would be the maximum time limit for this punching, kicking, squatting, etc activity. But NO! Also in between the jabs, hooks, kicks, etc. you have a rest period – boxer’s dance for 10 seconds. 10 seconds!! You know that “on the balls of your feet” thing boxers do?  That really is running in place for 10 seconds. For that instructor, in the kickboxing world, it’s a rest period. Ha!

I did go at my own pace as I was advised? You bet, only because I had to concentrate on what to do next, as she (instructor) hollered out the punches. I had to concentrate on remembering the sequence, as well as utilizing the correct form. (I didn’t want to hurt myself.)



Oh, I forgot to mention when I finished that 1st workout my hair was wet with sweat! Not only that, but I really sweated. A couple of times I had to wipe my face because the salty sweat was rolling down into my eyes. I say only a couple of times because I had to think about the form and sequencing and I didn’t want to stop until it was time for that “wonderful” 10 second rest period. It was a real workout, but a fun one!


What Counts?
What can I say? My 3 visits are up and I am still hooked. Maybe I’ll sign up for another set. I wonder how long I’ll keep this up?


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison


Kungfu Fighting


P.S. I’m not sure how my hard-hitting punches impact my lymphadema. So, I may not be hanging with kickboxing for long.

Dr. Harriette


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