Yep, for our own mental health, we need friends. Ladies, I am talking about female girlfriends. There are some things you can only share with them, whether it was when you were in high school and it was about should I shave my legs or not?


Now as I get older, it’s about, “Do I really need to let people know what’s on my mind?” Or do I just need to keep my comments to myself. Some years ago, I thought it was necessary for me to say everything that was on my mind. And I still am in that kind of self-talk mumbling-to-myself mode from time to time.  


Anyway, now I know better. Not because of what someone may think of me or my thoughts, but simply because you don’t need to know me like that.



Back to friendships.  How does the saying go? Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver, the other is gold. 


Both play important roles in your life – the old ones knew you when (young, free, wild, maybe a little reckless. Maybe you did a lot of stuff, hung out, they survived high school and/or college with you and will take what they know to the grave). In short, they have seen you grow and evolve!


Now if you’ve had children and they are adults, they will never believe that there was a different kind of life you lead well… nevermind. 



New Friends
The new friends entered later, but often strike a chord that makes them a mainstay of your life. Some of the new ones maybe knew you when you were young, married and fancy-free and maybe went through your child-rearing stage with you and now that your kids are adults know you in this more gentile and refined way of life. And they have changed too.

Some new friends are ones you’ve made since you have settled down and decided to take life a little slower. Yes, there also were those friends who were in for a season and then were gone. Not forgotten, but remembered fondly for the time you all shared together.



Life Goes On
Now I’ve mellowed out – chilled somewhat. (Okay, I’m trying.) I meditate, don’t eat as much fast food or processed food as I used to and most of us never smoked or have given up smoking. We want to be here as long as possible and are quick to read and know best practices and talk with our friends about what’s what.  


Because we are more health-conscious, we want our children to be health-conscious and we really want our grandbabies to eat some wheat grass and know that cow’s milk is for baby calves, etc. But, again, never mind. 


The point is still we need new friends and old friends to compliment our lives.



This is a bit of an homage to the Essence Festival where I’m sure there were a lot of 50+ year old and over women who went to New Orleans to, maybe, I don’t know, recapture that Girls Trip experience. But many of us who saw the film had our own kind of ‘recapturing’ just watching it in the theater with our girlfriends.


Kudos to girlfriends and the Essence Festival, maybe one of these days, I’ll have a chance to stop by and enjoy the time and music!



What Counts?
As a friend once reminded me, “What are you doing to keep up your friendships?”

Dr. Harriette

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  1. I had never heard that saying about friendships until my cousin recited it to her nephew going off to college. And here you have it! Perhaps you’ll join us for Essence’s 25th 🙂

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