I like Christmas holiday traditions! We usually put up a tree, wreaths, play Christmas music, and watch Christmas movies. Among other items decorations include a nativity scene, a melted Texas snowman and yes Christmas cards stand on various surfaces.


There’s always fellowship, food & fun. This year we’re having a Christmas brunch, heavy on the -unch part, so the guys can have food to snack on later.


It’s always fun to watch my grandsons opening their presents at Christmas. Their little smiling faces and excitement add to the joy of giving. With all the activities, it is important for us to remember the reason for the season.



As our kids were growing up, we asked them to give some of their toys away or bought new ones to give to others. We have given food and donations during this time of year. I have one friend whose family gives backpack bundles (backpack, blanket and $5) to homeless people in various locations.


Christmas are a way of reaching out to friends and family. It’s a way of saying I’m thinking of you and what you’re doing (I love those “our year in review” Christmas letters!).  

Sending cards has become more expensive since stamps are almost 50 cents. And the cards are costly too, unless you order the signed cards early. And who can remember that many steps ahead? (Shout out, to Chris who is the Christmas card guru!!)



We received a Christmas card a couple of days ago, from a friend I hadn’t seen or talked to for at least a couple of decades.


Our mothers were friends and although we lived in different cities we would see each other at various meetings of girls clubs, etc. We knew each other as children, teenagers and young adults growing up. As we grew up, married and had children we continued to send each other Christmas cards for years. But we had not really kept in touch other than with those cards.


Anyway, inside the card was a hand written “call me” her phone number, and email address. I called her and it made my day! We reconnected on so many different levels!


I know my New Years cards (if we don’t get the Christmas cards out early enough) and some of my Christmas cards next year (if we miss getting them out at all this year) will contain a “call me and my email address”.


What Counts?
Reconnecting with my friend in such a meaningful way meant so much. Thanks for the reminder Dr. Ann. I’m sure we will keep in touch more than just at Christmas.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you.

“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed.” Ann Garnett Schultz


(Song choice suggested by my husband.)


Dr. Harriette

Bonus Material 12/29/2018

My blog (hwrichard.info)has been a labor of love each week for a little over 2 years. Breast Cancer, Body Image & Healing gave me a way of telling stories which I hope brightened your day. 

It was a place to talk about breast cancer, hair or no hair, chemo brain, lymphedema, body image, healing, life and so much more! 

We all have scars, some are just more visible than others. Take care of yourself and others.

It’s a wrap. Mic drop🎤

On to the next adventure!

Love you all madly,

Dr. Harriette

P.S. I’ll still be around with a comment or two on Facebook & Twitter. See you there!

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  1. Love this and love you Hampton classmate. May you experience joy and blessings over this Sacred Season and always. Val Miles-Tribble

  2. It is always good to reconnect with friends. Your husband’s choice of music was great! Thank you for sharing.

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