Cursive, no more? I’m still taken aback by the news that cursive writing won’t be taught in school. So, people will print their signatures? I mean, is writing going “out of style”?


I write everywhere: in church, in doctor’s offices, during workshops and seminars. Writing helps me remember key points, as well as, remind me of ways to connect with the material.



Sorting Through Things
But, I like writing and thinking and words, Oh, my! From time to time I’ve kept a journal. Writing helps me sort through things. Looking back at my journals reminds me of issues I thought were insurmountable only to realize now – few instances were as bad as they seemed.

This year I’m keeping a bullet journal. I must admit, it makes me feel a bit compulsive, but I like it! I write in it keeping up with my blog ideas, appointments, work & play activities, as well as, birthdays (although Edward keeps up with them – I’m trying to not need his reminders). A good part of my bullet journal writing is reflective.


I have noticed only a few students write or take notes in class. I try to get them to take notes so they will remember the information we discuss. However, classes in which I have students journal seem to have a larger percentage of note-takers. I wonder if one activity influences the other? Does journaling encourage note-taking or are the tasks independent?


The Best Way to Remember
It’s important to use a pencil or pen instead of typing on a computer or iPad when taking notes. That is, is if you really want to remember the material. There is something textural & experiential about writing that can’t be replicated on a computer. This is especially true if you want to connect with the information later. (FYI – Modern day upgrade from note-taking is Concept mapping. It works well for me – a non linear thinker, most days.)


Typing my journal entries on an iPad, computer or even a smart phone simply records what happened or what I wish happened. I must confess, speaking into the phone to record the day’s happenings is easy and efficient, but not the same as writing with a pen. When you write, you have time to reflect. Which is the point, right?



The Body-Mind Connection
Feeling & thinking the material as you write it is like the “facial feedback theory”. If you are feeling sad and start smiling, you’ll feel better. I’m not talking euphoria, but just better than you were feeling before you smiled. So, when you are writing you capture some of that experience which could make it easier for you to access the information later.



What Counts?
What are you going to do when you take notes or hear something you want to remember? Writing can help us remember those lessons which were hard to learn.

If you need motivation this might help.


Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin



Dr. Harriette

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