Going to the wig store with Patricia, who claims she is not an extrovert, who always had spare hair at that time, was an adventure! Going anywhere with Patricia is always fun! We have known each other since high school (Little Rock Central). No, we were not part of the Little Rock nine – we aren’t quite that old. Anyway, we met here in Charlotte, after not seeing each other for over 30 years and became ‘fast friends’. Our husbands went to the other high school in Little Rock and graduated a year before us. Let me not talk about them, except to say, the Lord sent us Great men! And for that we are eternally thankful!

Okay, back to the Wig Store. This was just after my Locktician April (Lockstar) cut the rest of my locs off. I was to meet Pat at the wig place. I have only been to a wig place once in my life and that was to get a friend of mine, a wig. Pat went with me then and we picked out a wig for her. Well, Pat picked out the wig, I just stood around marveling at the wigs and hair doodads.

So as I entered the wig store this time, I at least was not distracted. I entered the store and saw Pat trying on wigs and talking to some ladies about the wigs they were trying on. She saw me and gave me some brief instructions about what I should look for and sent me off in search of a wig.

Being the people person she is, Pat was commenting as the ladies looked to her to tell them how their selection looked on them. I was looking around and picked out a couple or so to try on.  She looked at me and tersely said “Too wiggy.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I soldiered on as person after person modeled for her. Oh, did I mention – she was trying on wigs the whole time!

Finally, I found one that she deemed okay. As I moved to purchase it, I remember someone saying something about lace front wigs. So, I asked her about my looking at lace front ones. To which she said, “No, what you have is okay.”

Me, in the final selection (2010).

How did she know I would not wear it often? I wore the wig only two times. Every time I wore it people thought I was healthy. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with what you know – be yourself hairlessness and all! Oh, the number of wigs I purchased that day – 1, Pat – 2.

Let me know what you think.