Sometimes i just need to clear my mind. I think the song goes “Free your mind and the rest will follow” or did I make that up? 



It seems I’m always trying something new or going on a new adventure. This is an adventure I’ve been on before, but now it’s a bit different.



As I read about autophagy and the 2016 Nobel Prize winner, I thought about its connection with ketosis and intermittent fasting.



In short, autophagy explains how the body heals itself and destroys ‘nuisance cells’ – my words. Dr Boz (Annette Bosworth, MD) wrote about this autophagy in her book Anyway She Can. Also check out The Obesity Code and Dr. Longo and Dr. Jason Fung.



One way of getting into authophagy is through fasting. This, in part, explains renewed interest in water fasting, ketosis and intermittent fasting. Although for me fasting has most often had a spiritual connotation.



Many years ago, I frequently fasted one day a week. This time I thought I’d try for several days. Warning: There are precautions to take when beginning a fast, fasting and breaking a fast. 




One of the reasons I tried fasting this time was to put my body into ketosis in a relatively short period of time. From all I have read it can occur relatively easily if you’ve been eating pretty healthy (no sugar, no processed foods, etc). That’s me, most of the time. Remember, I’m still working on this healing thing, as well as, losing weight.



A few weeks ago, I tried to fast from food for 48 hours, but only made it to 32 hours. So this time I decided to push it more.



However, it was more difficult than I thought. Although I wasn’t hungry at all – the water with Himalayan salt or just plain tea kept me rolling right along. An unusual thing happened. I am usually an optimistic person but I took things so negatively. I couldn’t believe it!



When I get in those moods I close off to myself. I try to do something that will help someone else. It could be giving somethings away, visiting someone who is not doing well or just enjoying walking outside. So I had to dig deep to get out of that hole.



I didn’t really get hungry until the third day when I went out and bought food to break the fast. I wanted to begin with fats and soup without adding sugar or carbs. I wanted to eased back to my regular eating for a day before going back to my regular way of eating.

I broke the fast at 8 o’clock Tuesday night. I felt I could’ve gone another day or so. After all, I could have gone to sleep and added another few hours. All I had to do was go to sleep. But I ended it because I wanted to take time easing back into eating.



Finally, near the end of the fast, I found myself being a bit more reflective. And even during that fasting & reflection time, it seemed like a lot of things happened that weren’t so great. But maybe, as my daughter reminded me, I noticed more of the negative things than the positive ones!



I initially felt I could fast since I had a lot of work to do, so I could keep myself busy. When I was actively moving, things were great! But when I quieted down one of two things happened. Negativity kept crawling in my mind making me circumvent my work or I found myself just sitting quietly thinking about nothing.



And I realized sometimes I need to sit quietly and listen. I always seem to be talking. Yes, I talk a lot! But sitting – listening – I think l’ll have to work on that one!
I broke my fast after 72 hours. But that feeling of contemplation and listening and being quiet still seems to linger on…




What Counts?
What puts you into a contemplative state lately?



Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind & strengthen the body & the spirit. – E. T. Benson


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