How non-toxic are you? Not you personally, although that is something to think about. But, I mean your environment.


Are we making sure the things around us are non-toxic? We know the air inside our houses is not as clean as the air outdoors. So I am conscious about the cleaning products used in the house. I don’t understand why the non-toxic ones do not clean as well as the toxic ones, so I have to use a lot of ‘elbow grease’ when cleaning to get things really clean. (In all honesty, I do have help from time to time.)



Airing the house out every once-in-a-while would be good, but I don’t open the windows that often. However, I do have plants in the bedroom, kitchen and TV area to help clean the air. (Baby steps, okay?) I do walk outside to get fresh air. Breathing fresh air daily supports a higher level of wellness and truthfully, a better attitude.


I love the smell of good perfumes. Lolita Lempicka and Angel are two of my favorites. But now I need to make sure the products I use to smell and look good are diluted sufficiently so they are relatively non-toxic. Why? Because perfumes can contain cancer-causing ingredients!


I want to use products that are safer for my body and haven’t been tested on animals. (More humane and not engaged in speciesism – a new word for me).



The Environmental Working Group (EWG) (Click here for link) has information about selecting products that are safer for you. Their website highlights make-up, lipsticks, shampoos, skin care, sunscreens, food items, etc. and their toxicity level. It’s a good place to start when you want to check the toxicity level of various items. 


One of my blogs was about nail polish (nails) and I selected one of the products EWG mentioned (Zoya) because of its level of toxicity. I sometimes use SNS powder on my fingernails. I’m not sure how it exactly stacks up, but try to give my nails a break every few weeks by using nothing. (Ugh!)


Anyway, I looked Zoya up again and EWG has them listed as a moderate risk. The risk factor ratings are low, moderate, or high. EWG states it’s hard to rate companies because many do not list all of their ingredients. So EWG can’t check them out completely. They also let you know if the data obtained from the company is limited or fair. 


Yep! That whole thing about toxicity is REAL! From the food we eat to the carpet we walk on. That’s why some of our friends have had us leave our shoes at the door. Whatever you walked on/in outside gets on carpet or floor and there it stays until someone sits on it, tracks it elsewhere or touches it.



Speaking of Toxicity
Did you know about the “Think Before you Pink” Campaign? The linked article below sheds some light on the history of the Pink Ribbon and why some people are sick of them. Pink ribbon story


The challenge for companies is not only to do research, but make sure their products are not harmful. Some companies are challenged to also talk about healthier things we can do, while continuing to give support to assist people through their cancer journey and beyond (medical bills, insurance, nutrition, etc.)


What Counts?
Being aware of our use, consumption or proximity to toxic items. Inside or outside doesn’t really matter. It all gets to us. So, what are you doing to make sure you’re less toxic? (Next week – Inside)


“Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.” Wallace Stevens 


Dr. Harriette


Let me know what you think.