Great is Your Faithfulness & Amazing is Your Grace

Tomorrow is the first day of my challenge. My question is, “How can I stay motivated to stick with this challenge?” Whenever you start a new thing – whether it’s a new job, a new marriage, a new baby, or a new vacation; there’s always the question of how hard will the new task be.  You know, what will it take for me to be successful each day? Read More

Surprising Spotlight on World Lymphedema Day March 6 – Part 2

Dr. Harriette’s new sleeve & gauntlet

Ten Things to Remember
I have a sleeve that I use often. Okay – occasionally. No – every now and then. Okay, so I don’t always wear my lymphedema sleeve. But, I usually wear the night one. Anyway, now I will be wearing my sleeve. In fact, I ordered a new daytime one since the old one is really, really tight. Read More

What Kind of Hair Day Is It?

Dr. H. Richard & Dr. C. West

We go through many things as women – we tend and befriend, often instead of fight or flight. We endure pain and suffering when we experience losses of almost any type. And I’m sure you could name more. However, this is about us rising from those hurts intended or not. This is about being joyous despite the bumps and bruises. Read More

14 Ways to Cope with Fatigue, Chemo Brain, Insomnia

So, how do you cope after the initial diagnosis? Sleepless and worried or relieved and thinking? Maybe tired? These are things you may go through whether or not you have had a Breast Cancer diagnosis. 


Sometimes I just keep going when I know I should stop and rest. I mean, I feel good. Somehow, I feel I have to keep going to make up for those times when I don’t feel good and can’t keep going. If you identified with this – Stop right now and let’s figure out how you can get the rest you need, without feeling guilty. Read More

Positive Body Image Resources – Fashion Do or Don’t

As the Blog ebbs and flows, I am trying to navigate it to a place where those who have experienced breast cancer can find ways to connect – to build themselves up. This is also a place where family & friends can learn & help. We all need help whether it’s a kind word, a walk outside, a cup of soup, a lobster dinner, calling a friend, a game of monopoly, a good partner in bid whist, a fashion tip, a new exercise routine, a new magazine or lipstick color, playing with my grandson. “Oh, sorry those were some of the things that give me a lift. Read More