Yes, there were at least 10 things I learned at my husband‘s 50th high school reunion:

1. I tried to look good, just for my own peace of mind. (See last week’s thoughts here.)


2. As the wife of a classmate, sometimes I was introduced, sometimes I wasn’t. Maybe that’s because I know some of the classmates. Regardless, I was happy to meet new folks and have great conversations!

3. It was not about me. From pool party to banquet, it was truly about Edward and his classmates.


4. Very few people looked the same.


5. Most people looked different, especially when you haven’t seen them in 50 years. However, there was an essence that was still the same.


6. Some classmates were missing, some live in the city, others far away, some had passed away. The names of those deceased were in the program and they are still remembered. It was sad but good to hear people reminiscing about them.


7. The 50th class reunion is not like the 10 year class reunion. The cliques that survived for the 10 year reunion were nowhere to be found at the 50th. (Glad we grew out of that one.)


8. Everybody talked to everybody! Even if they weren’t quite sure, initially, who they were.


9. Classmates no longer care what you do or did for a living – most have retired.


10. Best of all – It was about community, rekindling relationships, and just having fun, fun, fun for everyone!



The Richards

What Counts?
If you get the chance to go to your reunion, please go. It will bring you joy! When you went to your last class reunion, what did you enjoy most?


“It’s not about what you have or what you did, but it’s about who you are.” – E. Richard


To the Class of ’68 who endured!

Dr. Harriette

2 Replies to “This Might Make You Not Skip Your Class Reunion!”

  1. I love Edward’s quote! His message has always been true for me. It’s was never about what I did or what I accumulated over the years. So glad those days are behind me. Thanks Edward and my lovely classmate – your gorgeous wife! Love you both!

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