I’m getting ready to change my closet over. I’m trying to remember to use only my right arm to haul stuff. (Yes, I’m wearing my sleeve on the left arm and now that that’s settled, let’s move on.) It has been winter for so long I haven’t even thought about changing it over until this week. It’s still kind of cool. We’re in the last three weeks of school. During this Spring semester, I haven’t pulled out the summer things yet, because it’s been cool or raining and cloudy. 


As I prepare for this closet change, I always go through and decide what’s too big or too small, what doesn’t fit or needs too much repair. I also think about what items I may need to purchase in the future. If I’m being realistic, the answer is nothing! Oops, I forgot about May 11th. Well, maybe an item or two then?



Rent to Wear
Things have really changed today, if you work in an office, there are sites which allow you to select clothing items you want to wear. They send them to you, you wear them and then return the item for cleaning and wait for the next outfit to arrive.


Some sites even send you some items that you might like because they have identified your style. And if you love it, you can buy it. You get to pick and choose what you want without having to invest a lot of money. Although these are subscription services. Interesting!



It’s time to purge the closet.  I’ve written other blogs on my closet and I think now, I have removed enough clothes so only the essentials remain, plus a few special items.  


You know last year when we had this warm and cool thing happening, I was trying to combine seasons on a single rack. Well, you can guess what happened – It fell! Yes, the whole rack system came out of the wall! So I’ve been trying to not make that same mistake again. I’m gonna really just change the whole closet from fall/winter over to spring/summer.



Let It Go
I do like this time of year when I can figure out what works and begin again.There’s no point in wearing something you don’t feel good about. So, I’m taking those things out of my closet. If I put something on and I’m frowning and trying too hard to make it work, I need to let go! Because if I wear that, tired, uncomfortable, frumpy thing – I’m not gonna be happy. 


I firmly believe you’ve got to be happy in the clothes you put on your back. Because like I said last week – “What you wear should make you feel happy.”



Although I don’t think I really need anything. It is 7 days and counting before Rihanna comes out with her lingerie line for ALL Women. And you know she means all – Savagex. She changed the makeup game with Fenty and now she will kick butt again. Some sneak peeks are right here.


Headline Answer
When thinking about your clothes you said – “I just need one item to go with that __________.


Dr. Harriette

Let me know what you think.