Dr. Harriette

Ive always admired people who were artists. I really wanted to draw (more than stick people) or paint or sculpt. You know, be creative! How does that happen?

Well, I have tried many things – needlepoint (Granna inspired me to give it a try & I really like it!), knitting (yep, I even knitted a skirt in college that I wore more than once). Sometimes just trying to master the basics was enough to know It was not my area of artistry. Some examples include piano playing, snow skiing and swimming (we had to pass that class at Hampton to graduate – or was that an urban legend?).😎


I am sure theres much more for me to try because as you have heard me say too often I like an adventure! How else are we going to find out what we like, if we don’t try different things, right?


I even think teaching is artistry. I’ve studied it, taken courses, given workshops and read almost everything I could get my hands on about it, as well as teaching for more than 20 years. Each day I walk into class, I get a new canvas. I try to make the topics come alive for the scholars and me too, because psychology is around us all the time and I dont want anyone to miss it.  Okay, Im getting off my psych soap box now.


This blog is a creative space. Patricia thinks its therapy for me and Im not so sure it isn’t. After all, we display artistry or who we are in various ways – decorating, sewing, cooking, writing and even in what we are wearing.



We each have our own sense of style.  Sometimes mine extends to my hair. changed it more frequently in high school. Now the artistry is left to my loctician, April at Lockstarwho is masterful!


I found a site earlier this week on style for Women Over 40. I have to admit I was a bit suspicious about that claim. By this time, we each know our own personal style. Im not sure I want someone telling me what I should wear. However, this site appears to be a bit different. P. S. There’re also sites for decades beyond 40, but I haven’t checked them out yet.

The website offers a three part Style Challenge. Over 40 Style Site 
The first part has you defining who you are and what you think your style is. You can post pictures of yourself in their closed community or on Pinterest. So you see people who are around the same age, with a similar body shape with different styles. And from what I’ve seen, it looks interesting.



My Style Take
I signed up on the site several days ago and I have yet to get to Day 2. I really don’t have time to do the postings on the site right now. So, Im glad I can go at my own pace. Here’s a sample of Day 1’s activities – List your favorite style quote. Mine is


What you wear should make you feel happy!” – Dr. Harriette


Style, to me, means dressing in what makes you feel good. That could be putting on something comfortable that fits the occasion. I always try to add a bit of originality, quirkiness, and sexiness in what I wear. Less of the latter, depending on the audience. 


My style goals are to stand out in a crowd, look approachable, be comfortable, be an original with confidence and love whatever Im wearing. I want to be appropriate (my mother taught me well). Although this one drove her over the edge – I can be over dressed, but seldom to never under dressed!


So what brings out the artist in you?

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Dr. Harriette

Let me know what you think.