I never dreamed big enough, never gave myself permission.” Aunt Vi (Queen Sugar). I just left The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) Convention in Oakland California where we celebrated 50 years. Yes, we gave ourselves permission and started an independent organization in 1968!


Sometimes it’s hard for us to dream of what is possible, what we’re going to ultimately do or where we might be in the future. When we take a stand or step out or sit down or walk out for something bigger than ourselves, we can’t tell what we are unleashing. Although, we did have an idea.


That’s what happened at the American Psychological Association Conference 50 years ago. That was when a group of like-minded Black Psychologists decided they wanted to do research about ourselves for ourselves. We also among other things saw the need to ask questions that were relevant for Black people around the world. The organization is multi-generational with a large contingency of students (undergraduate, Masters level & PhD students), Early Career and Seasoned professionals.


We have International chapters in South Africa, the UK as well as Canada. There were Black Psychologists in attendance from Brazil, Guyana and other places outside the United States. We are all fighting for the liberation of African people everywhere.


We are fighting to make sure Black lives survive and thrive, especially when some people do not believe all lives have equal value. There’s so much awareness to raise and then actions to take.


While I was at the Abpsi I attended a session on Pan Africanism where we discussed land grabs, separation of parents and children, and the seemingly indiscriminate killings of Blacks throughout the Diaspora. I thought some of these issues were in the past, but it’s clear today that they remain critical issues.


It is time to wake up and not be complacent or comfortable. The intellectualization and philosophical hangups have got to go. It is time to understand the relevance of The ABPsi and acknowledge what’s happening to us as a people all over the world!


I’m in the process of re-vamping this blog. It was about six years ago that I had breast cancer and I have written about various aspects of that journey and its impact on my healing and body image for almost two years.


I want to continue the blog but I am ready to refocus the weekly postings. I want to keep the health and body image aspects, I think. But I do not want to continue with the breast cancer emphasis. Although my breast cancer experiences will always be with me the need to write about it constantly has lessened.



What Counts?
Please help me out. Let me know some of the topics you would like to see. You can email me at  Rich1599@aol.com or you can post your recommendations in the comments below. Yeah, maybe my dream was not big enough.


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman


Dr. Harriette




2 Replies to “How to Dream for the Future Now!”

  1. I always enjoy your blogs. I wish we were further along than we are as a country when it comes to treating each other fairly. I am also concerned about how we as African Americans are treating each other. We are killing each other and nothing is being done. Any ideas as to how we can change the way we treat each other?

    1. I delayed answering your question about how we treat each other because it really weighed on me. We can only do it one person at a time. That’s all I have. I try to show it in my classroom by modeling it for my college students. I know we can not give up say there is nothing we can do!
      Dr. Harriette

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