The college years me.

I just thought I would write a blog extolling the worthiness of excellence! As I read Gabrielle Union‘s book We’re Going to Need More Wine, particularly when she talks about Prince, I thought about how I wanted to say to her “Girl, you don’t know your own worth.” But I know she does.


Worth What?
There are so many Black women who don’t know their worth, who don’t know how priceless they are or who think they need a man to complete them or who think they can’t make it on their own. Why do we act surprised when we win something or complete some long-awaited goal?


Then there are those who do a great job and don’t even give a second thought about that job well done, because it’s so ordinary and perfunctory for them. For those who have survived Breast Cancer, most of us know we are doing more than we ever thought we would after that journey!



Too often we hear stereotypical names and negative characteristics attached to Black women. Most are derogatory, but even the mythical superwoman is a stereotype that creates pressure and problems when women attempt to live up to that ideal.


We’ve all been there to some extent and it just makes us tired and we find ourselves continuing to knock ourselves out for far too long.



Now What?
We are as God created us to be just who we are. In countless cases, we are a force to be reckoned with because we have met that slight, gesture, sly grin, eye roll or averted eyes too many times.


We are ones who feel the need to protect our young and try to help them become independent. We are the ones who support our men folk whether they be our significant other, husband, brother, father, or son. We are the ones who wait up late, worrying and caring about those we love.


The things that matter most are NOT my job, what I have or don’t have, where I’ve been or the awards I’ve received, but it’s who I am and my relationships with others.


RIP Erica Garner you fought hard and left us much too soon.



What Counts?
What advice would you have given your 18 year old self? or someone you know?


I would say, “You are going to do more than you ever thought you would.”


Dr. Harriette


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