Well today, I’m going to give you an update on how things are going with my Challenge. The things I said I would do were (starting June 1 for 30 or maybe 60 days?):

1. No buying items that were not essential or replacement items.


So far so good. I even went shopping with Marilyn and did not buy anything for me. Gifts for others are not included, so I did buy Becca a gift for their new baby – Patrick , Jr.
No buying things – 100%


2. No added sugar.


Okay, this was hard along with 3. Drinking only water, which of course means No alcohol – I did slip a bit on my grandson’s birthday with a little sliver of cake and Blue Bell ice cream and a glass of Sangria (adult beverage at the 1 year old’s party).


Oh, and Edward kinda tricked me into drinking Sangria over the weekend that he purchased from Trader Joe’s and said, after I took a sip, “It’s okay, right?” Hey, when I fall off the wagon I want something VERY SPECIAL!! (Live and learn). As Kris Carr says “Progress, not perfection”.


Then, when traveling I usually have an energy drink. My favorite sparkling water energy drink (Whole Foods) has 5 grams of sugar, so when you add it all in
No added sugar – 80%


3. Drinking only water

See above. 70%


4. Doing and saying what I believe.


I did comment on the things I felt were critical on Twitter and when sharing my opinion with others. However, I probably should have asked for more money off from the tree guys when they omitted cutting down one of the trees they originally were to cut down, although they did trim two others.
Truth-telling – 90%


5. Not buying clothes.


I am doing well with this one. I did not use my Chico’s special postcard nor my Birthday off one. I purged my closet even more.


My cousin gave me 3 pairs of brand new jeans and a jacket when I went to her ordination. I did not purchase anything while there, although we had NO time to shop. She also gave me a scented lotion and spray, since I liked them and she does not like the fragrance smells. As my students often say in class – “Look at God!” Although I am not buying clothes I received free clothes!!!! I still have two bags of clothing to take to our church consignment shop. I will take them later today.
Not buying clothes – 100%


6. 7-8 hours sleep


See below. Sleep – 40%


7. Stopping electronics 1 hour before going to bed.


This is a VERY Difficult habit to break! I would have taken bets that the sugar would be the hardest one to change. I reached the sleep goal only 8 out of 20 times. Electronics were not kept under control either, only 6 out of 20 times! I end up playing WordChums waaaaaay too long at night!


I think I will have to just get a crossword puzzle book or Sudoku and work it the old-fashioned way after 10pm. I NOW have set my alarm for 10PM to remind me to turn off most of my electronics and place them in another room (or at least on the other side of my room).
Curfew Electronics – 30%


What Counts?
By the way, what are you doing this summer?  What are your goals for the year, for summer or for next week? Let me know what you’re up to and the progress you’re making. Talk to you soon!


“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.” George Michael



Dr. Harriette



5 Replies to “This is How My Challenge Tracking is Going So Far!”

  1. The electronics thing is hard! I just downloaded an app to track the amount of times I pick up my phone – way too much right now

  2. This is good Harriette! Causes us to be more mindful! And yes, it blows the mind when we settle down to go there!
    I am more aware, perched even, when I hear my phone ding notifying me of a text, email, etc., how often I rush to pick it up. And I am not even a social media/electronics junkie…hmmmm. You’ve challenged me to reconsider or redefine what that looks like.

    By the way, didn’t the Delfonics come Hampton while we were there?

  3. Thanks Harriette for the challenge. I will set similar goals and work to achieve them… sleep, electronics, truth telling..whew!

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