Some things I was doing while recovering from bronchitis were looking at things that were funny on Netflix & cable tv, resting, taking my meds, listening to podcasts that made me think and reflecting on what I am going to do from this point forward – NOT how did I get to this point!



Quick Fixes
I listened to a conversation between Dr. Mark Hyman and Rev. Michael Beckwith. Now they really made me pause to think about a number of things (link below). They talked about our obsession with control and fear and how we need to move into a space of love and trust. I took copious notes and want to remember what they said.


Interestingly enough, my cousin Bobbie talked to me about doing yoga while I recuperated and my husband asked me was I back to practicing my meditation regularly. These things do make a major difference in my life, along with my religious practices they help orient me to who I am. I did a little although I only had enough energy to do 2-3 poses!


So as I start to move forward in my blog planning, those are a couple of things I want to keep in my daily activities – an exercise routine yoga/weight training and meditation. I’ve got to move my body and I’ve got to not jump to the worst case scenario! You know if I’m short on cash I think “I am going to be homeless”. What kind of reality check is that? I exert all this unnecessary emotional energy for nothing. Yep, it’s just a little Cray Cray, I admit.


It’s not a healthy way to live. I must remember emotional energy is just as draining as a physical expenditure of energy. I give a lot of my energy to people and situations that don’t merit it through my thoughts and feelings. I need to care for my time and energy by being less reactive.


I also want to be more thoughtful and decisive in what I want to do. I know this will probably make Pat crazy because she firmly believes, “It already takes me way too long to decide on almost anything”. Thinking back on it, I probably use a ton of emotional energy to trying to decide what to do – and that does not get me where I need to go!


Finally, I need to review the last items of my challenge. I have learned that spending all that time on my electronics reduces my opportunity to interact with others. That’s a change I want to adopt-less time on electronics. Due to Bronchitis I didn’t keep the sugar challenge either. I remember telling the doctor that Popsicles were keeping me hydrated, but they had too much added sugar. He said, “Please just stay hydrated and worry about the sugar next week!” Going forward I’m dropping added sugar. I’m also sticking with most of the vegan/vegetarian diet changes.



Sometimes Facebook and Twitter make up a virtual life-line that, believe me, can be very supportive. I want to thank friends and those Facebook community groups for prayers and kind wishes while I was going through bronchitis. You all were really great!


Boots on the ground count too! This recovery time reminded me of being at home after the cancer surgeries. I had very little energy –  it drained me to even say a few words. Five minutes of talking on the phone was my limit because I’m animated and that emotional energy took a lot out of me. The phone calls, texts and food brought over meant a lot!



What Counts?
So let’s move onto the next phase! Let’s keep it positive, do something physical, meditate, and preserve emotional energy. So even when things get a little heavy, I am going to
try to share more love.


“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem


Dr. Harriette

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  1. Harriette, as always you had me thinking because I know I react too quickly. Very good information. Hope you are feeling better and will continue to get well.

    Gladys Highland

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