As we prepare for what may or may not come, in the form of Hurricane Florence. I can’t help but think of what happens as storms come into our lives.


I begin my morning ritual with prayer and meditation. However, for the past few days, I find myself praying, even during the time I sat aside for meditating.


I mean, I try to meditate, but all I can do is pray. I pray all will be well, people would be safe, protected, etc.


Sometimes we have to really dig down deep and do more than we thought we would have to do just to keep ourselves and others safe. Safe from our fears, safe in our thoughts – safe in our life.




What Counts?
Knowing exactly who and how you are guided matters. Can you give your time, your work ethic, your concern, your loyalty, or your best “whatever it is” to keep yourself and others safe?



“Let’s be careful out there.” – Hill Street Blues


Dr. Harriette Richard



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