I know I’ve written two blogs on lymphatic issues. Let me say when there is a problem with your body, that is much of what you think about! I am thankful for the blog because it allows me to express my angst and helps me look at how I and others cope with body issues right now.


Sorry if this lymph talk is taking up so much time. Sometimes when I feel bad, I try to act as if things are okay because few people want to hear me complain.  So, as I go about my day, I try to  figure out: 1) What’s happening and then 2) ways to cope the issue.


I begin with a body scan – “Is this pain or issue sharp or a dull pain?”Did I move a certain way and it started or did it start on its own?” Yep, I try to figure things out as my body sends its signals. You, of course know what’s happening. Right?



Help me Mr. Google
Then I google my symptoms and find 10 million things it could be, most of which are bad.  After I calm down, I go back to basics – “What did I eat?” (I can hear my adult children saying, no – “When did I eat last?”) “Have I been drinking enough water?” “Am I moving enough during the day?” (my Fitbit helps), “When did I exercise or meditate last?”, and  “What stressors are getting to me and how can I stop them?” In the latter case, it means not talking or ruminating about the stressors.


Anyway, I found a link about things I can do for my lymphatic system, whether there is have a problem with it or not. Many of the items listed are things we should be doing anyway. (I have never liked the word ‘should’.)


The article summarizes what can be done and why in incredibly clear ways.  Therefore, I’m passing it on to you today in this season of renewal and resurrection.


What seems like the end can be a new beginning. So, in the spirit of a new beginning at the end of the Lenten Season, it is my hope this article serves you well.


“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

Decongest your lymphatic system

Dr. Harriette

Let me know what you think.