As I prepare for the week, the song that comes to my mind continuously is “Every day is a day of Thanksgiving”. I know it’s true, but sometimes I need reminding. Thanksgiving is a day in which we cook a lot (praying now everything turns out okay), eat a lot, enjoy food, family, friends, fellowship and have fun!


My friend, Pat, delivered the Pre-Thanksgiving homily for Seniors Tuesday and talked about prayer. She outlined several aspects of prayer – praise, intercession, repentance, as well as thankfulness, Oh, she also mentioned petitions!  You know, where we ask for things. Sometimes I do too much of that. Although often “we have not because we ask not”.🙏🏽



What Counts?
Sometimes, I think we ‘have not’ because we do not give enough praise and worship. (Yep, a bit too much reliance on self.) However, just thinking about being grateful always puts a different look on my face!


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson


A Day of Thanksgiving Song

Dr. Harriette


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