It’s such a push-pull or approach-avoidance when you’re not feeling well and finally resign yourself to taking a self-care day.  I am usually moving so fast that I don’t take the time to rest. Today, however I need to stop and fight off this approaching cold.


This morning, after staying in bed for a couple of more hours I feel like I need to get up and do some work. But the pull is I am weak and tired. Too tired to perhaps get out but that is just the tiredness talking, right.


I want to go grocery shopping but again I am too weak due to not eating. Oh wait I do have green drink available and I can throw in some berries, spinach and chia seeds with protein! That might give me the energy to get up and at em!



With the advent of Urbereats (although ‘scaling up’ appears harder for some places) and grocery store delivery services maybe that’s the way to go this time.


Someone told me Whole Foods delivers. I wonder?


That’s something to think about when you’re not feeling well. It’s hard to muster up the strength to get going.  But I am I’m going to settle down today. I’m going to take an easy day which is a lot different for me because I don’t usually rest or slow down.


I’m a Morning Person
I tell my husband I’m a morning person, but then he says “You stay up too late to be a morning person.” But I am a morning person! I wake up early chipper and happy & go to bed late. Okay, that’s not a good combination.


Today, I am going to rest at least until noon. That’s when I might get up and go to the grocery store and get some food for the house unless I find that grocery delivery.


All right, hopefully you know how to take some time for yourself. Many times, my slowing down is getting a massage or having a pedicure.  I’ve got to do better in order to function well.  There is probably be some rule about taking self-care days on a regular basis.



What Counts?
In order to feel better,  I am going to do a little yoga, use the diffuser with Lavender, walk outside and take it easy. I’m already drinking tea with organic honey and taking vitamin C. I have included a link Fighting off a Cold listing the things I tried to to help myself.


Sometimes you’ve just got to take care of yourself!


Take care. Remember, it is Spring!

Dr. Harriette

Let me know what you think.