During this whole ordeal with chemotherapy, I wasn’t too scared. However, when the nurse pulled the pic line out of my arm, I ended up getting a blood clot. Although I hate needles, now I had to shoot myself twice a day to thin my blood and prevent blood clots from forming. So what did I do?

Two a Day
I gave myself two shots a day and went for blood work every week for a while. My oncologist really laughed about this because she knew my view of needles. I was not mad at her because I knew as she did that I would do whatever was necessary. Of course, having blood work taken during Chemotherapy was not unusual.

Eating My Greens
Each week Pat would cook greens and Hot Water cornbread for me on Monday. Greens contain Vitamin K. The level of Vitamin K had an effect on my blood work and meant a change in some part of what I was receiving medically. Tuesday, the day after eating my greens, I would go for my blood work and find out my Vitamin K level was high. Well, eating Collard Greens BEFORE my blood work only had to happen once. “What did I do?” “Did I stop eating Pat’s greens? Heck, NO!” I changed the date of my appointment. The Vitamin K level was a brief surge, so this was easily managed. And I was a happier person continuing to eat more of a plant-based diet, which included, of course, Greens and Hot water cornbread!

By the way, eating a more plant-based diet has helped me reduce my weight and become healthier. Make sure you quietly share what you are doing to stay healthy with those you care about this holiday season.

Let me know what you think.