Sometimes we find appreciation and inspiration together. This is Teacher Appreciation Week! And boy, do I need some appreciation as we finish this last week of finals!

“The View” celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week by surprising Meghan McCain with her 5th grade teacher, who she had not seen in years. This person had a huge impact on her life and interestingly married her 7th grade teacher.



Her 5th grade teacher, Erik Weihenmayer, is blind and has written a book entitled “No Barriers“. Yes, he was blind when he taught her class. His blindness didn’t stop him from obtaining a degree, teaching or even doing a number of extraordinary things.


As I said, he married Meagan’s 7th grade teacher. The wedding took place on Mount Kilimanjaro after they climbed it.The author and teacher, Erik Weihenmayer has also walked the entire base of the Grand Canyon. In short, he believes you can do anything you put your mind to and wants to make sure people don’t let barriers stand in the way of what they want to do. His book and organization make sure people have those opportunities.


Watching that segment reminded me why I get so frustrated with some of my students. They have such great potential, but sometimes seem to settle for less and are seem easily distracted.



Getting Older
Just as I characterized my students, sometimes people push us into viewing ourselves only one way. For example, 
I like watching Columbo, Matlock, and some of the Hallmark mysteries. But, why? Why oh, why must each commercial target getting older with degeneration – from burial to medicines to hurry canes to emergency buttons (when you’ve fallen and can’t get up).


Now, I do know those items are helpful and can come in handy, but while I am up and going PLEASE urge me to workout, go outside, have fun, dance and live life to its fullest!!!!  @^&(^)%*^& Whew! That felt good! (No bad words said here.)


I’ve done many different things, such as marathons, rollerblading, and running. I think I have tried every diet out there, every adjunctive therapy – acupuncture, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, weight lifting, and QiGong. Embraced every style and maybe hung on to a few hair styles for a little too long, but what the hey. Have fun! Do you! Because I’m certainly doing me.



Fix Your Mind
I think it’s time we did something we’ve wanted to do or try even a new place to eat or sit in your own house. Get a different perspective. Listen to some of the latest music. I’m sure there is someone whose music you might like.


We can’t give up and think we’re too old, it’s not the right time, I’ve been sick or I’ve got this or that. We can’t be afraid to try something different! My class reunion is coming up and we will be trying something different and getting up and moving. We are not done yet!


We surely can’t think – “I don’t need to do that because it’s for _________ people or it’s not what people my gender or age (whatever that is) are doing. Why do we put limits on ourselves?


Enjoy your life! Get out into the fresh air, sit on the porch or deck. Take a walk. Ride a bike.



What Counts?
My questions this week are “So what’s your next adventure?” “What are you going to try?”  “What are those long-term goals?” Why do I ask this?


Because we’ve all got miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep… So what are you up to today?


Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.”

Dr. Harriette

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