Yes, that’s right! Even though the site I’m highlighting in this post is for young women under 54 who had breast cancer and are concerned about body image, please note those of us over 54 are also concerned about Body Image. No Surprise here!


The products and items listed on the site are less harmful to your body and/or fashionable, too. So, even if you are not in treatment these are good, useful, safer products to try.


The site is Bustle’s Standing By Our Sisters. It is a new series on Young Black Women’s Journey with Breast Cancer, Body Image and Beauty. The more sites and information out there the better it is for all of us!


For instance, I didn’t know chemo came with a sensitivity to sunlight? Well, you know our journeys are often different.  I had no clue about that one!



Highlighted Samples
As I perused the site, I noticed many of my favorites, such as Zoya nail polish. In fact, I’m looking for their gold foil-looking one (Astrid) for the holidays. But I also like OPI and Butter London which were also mentioned.


They highlighted eye brow, eye lashes & Professional Leg and Body Makeup. However, since my scars are hidden by my clothes I don’t necessarily need the latter item. Maybe we older folks cover up more than the younger ones. smh (If you don’t know what that means, you could be one of the older ones too.)


The site displayed gorgeous headwraps. I never used headwraps, but I love these. I will be looking that site up! (Btw, pictures and shop now windows are in the article).


Hygiene products included deodorant among other items. I was glad to see Tom’s deodorant listed for just the reasons they mentioned. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” I might even buy a few of Thrive’s Beauty Products simply because they give back. This is one time I could buy something I needed and give at the same time.



What Counts?
Our Stories & Our Selves
Black women telling their story about losing their hair are on the Bustle site and may be at the end of the series of products. Here’s my earlier blog about my hair loss experience – Harriette’s hair journey


Additionally, there’s an undergarment site – Size 00-40 #Foundationsbyus or @universalstandard  It’s a brand new site. Lastly, here’s the Young Women’s cancer treatment beauty products link mentioned throughout this post.



My weight? It is what it is. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s about being content. And sometimes other priorities win.” – Melissa McCarthy


Dr. Harriette


Let me know what you think.