Feeling Good After I Completed My 3 Day Fast

Sometimes i just need to clear my mind. I think the song goes “Free your mind and the rest will follow” or did I make that up? 



It seems I’m always trying something new or going on a new adventure. This is an adventure I’ve been on before, but now it’s a bit different.

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Fine Lifetime Companions – Writing & Reading

I love ink pens & journals or as Montblanc categorizes them: ‘Fine Lifetime Companions’. My 1st journaling experience was when I was 12 years old. Okay, I mean, at 12, I wrote in my One Year Diary. I’ve come across the diary from time to time. It’s one of the few things I’ve managed to hang onto from my childhood. Read More

Strengthening My Faith Walk

I was recently asked to tell my Breast Cancer story to a group of young ladies, who are part of Alpha Kappa Alpha at Johnson C. Smith University. One of the questions asked after I gave my presentation was, “Did my faith increase, decrease or stay the same?” I said, “It stayed the same“, but as I thought about it later, I should have answered differently. Read More