What’s It All About, Alfie? This moment or more!

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?” A few days after surgery, most women answer, “Scars!” However, two years later, the responses are “A pretty lady,” “A woman who know what she wants.”

A Positive Body Image
How can you continue to maintain a positive body image after you’ve had a lumpectomy/mastectomy and/or reconstructive surgery?
The women in my research study talked about it beginning with persistence through: surgeries, medical interventions, depression, and neuropathy. This movement toward a positive body image after breast cancer includes cognitive and emotional aspects, as well, such as, how your family and friends treat you, your faith, and how you feel about yourself.
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What was the #1 New Year’s Resolution?

Yep, you guessed it – Weight Loss. Why is it that of all the cancers, I got breast cancer (6 years ago) and my oncologist said, “Women don’t lose weight with this one – they gain weight!” “What?!?!”

You are what you think.
Maybe I should think like my husband, who often says, “Why are you listening to research that talks about what happens most of the time and then you believe it will happen to you?“Because I am an experimental psychologist, Edward.” If something occurs, say 65% of the time (which is more than chance), wouldn’t you go with the odds that it would happen to you? Now, I am not taking cancer lightly, I do not wish to have had it nor do I want anyone else to have it. But, I’m just saying – no weight loss?!?
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