When I Look Back Over My Life I Can See…

As I prepare for the week, the song that comes to my mind continuously is “Every day is a day of Thanksgiving”. I know it’s true, but sometimes I need reminding. Thanksgiving is a day in which we cook a lot (praying now everything turns out okay), eat a lot, enjoy food, family, friends, fellowship and have fun! Read More

And The Winner Is – The Ogre!

Well, I just got back from my 45th college reunion at Hampton (Institute) University. It was, in a word – amazing! It was great seeing everyone, giving each other hugs and trying to remember faces as we looked down at the lanyard on their neck to glimpse their freshman face & remember who this is. (I know, grammatically incorrect.) Fortunately, the 1st names were large enough so I could see them and figure it out. Read More