What Do You Think About Not Thinking?

As I prepared for the 1st day of school, I realized there was so much I wanted to share with my scholars. I am always too anxious & excited that whole first day!  I am unsure whether I’ll be able to answer all of their questions. Will I be clear? Will they enjoy the class? Will I have time to do all I want to do in class? Will they see psychology all around them? Yep, that last one’s my #1 goal! Read More

14 Ways to Cope with Fatigue, Chemo Brain, Insomnia

So, how do you cope after the initial diagnosis? Sleepless and worried or relieved and thinking? Maybe tired? These are things you may go through whether or not you have had a Breast Cancer diagnosis. 


Sometimes I just keep going when I know I should stop and rest. I mean, I feel good. Somehow, I feel I have to keep going to make up for those times when I don’t feel good and can’t keep going. If you identified with this – Stop right now and let’s figure out how you can get the rest you need, without feeling guilty. Read More