As I prepared for the 1st day of school, I realized there was so much I wanted to share with my scholars. I am always too anxious & excited that whole first day!  I am unsure whether I’ll be able to answer all of their questions. Will I be clear? Will they enjoy the class? Will I have time to do all I want to do in class? Will they see psychology all around them? Yep, that last one’s my #1 goal!


It’s funny. I go through this every semester and I’ve taught for a long time!
I’ve learned my first impressions about students are usually wrong. And I use my errors to reassure myself that I can’t “judge a book by its cover”. By Day 2 I’ve calmed down somewhat and we’re ready to ‘rock & roll’.


I’ve long since gotten over trying to cover the entire textbook. But, there are some essential parts of each chapter they should know. (Reading each chapter multiple times or making chapter concept maps can make a letter grade difference.)  Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox.


But you know, I always look forward to trying something new whether it’s a new way of teaching, a new recipe or a new game. This time I took the 1st week to introduce psychology by actually letting scholars design & conduct experiments. They asked the right questions and seemed to understand Psychology better by figuring out how to frame and run an experiment.  



So, as I prepare to engage each class, I know I must be focused. Otherwise, my concern about my classes will overflow into my day and I’ll end up staying up waaaaaay too late trying to get everything done!


Prayer and meditation help me focus.There are some other ways I relax & rein in my energy level: playing Monopoly and Wordchums daily, playing with my friend’s dog (RIP-Jet), walking in nature (unfortunately, I take my phone which can defeat the quiet part), talking & laughing with friends and practicing transcendental mediation (TM). 



I learned TM while I was in grad school. I was a teaching assistant (I taught the entire class!😱), a research assistant, a newly-wed, chartered a sorority on-campus and went to boring meetings. It was suggested that TM would help me relax and allow me to sit through boring meetings without feeling like I could fall asleep.  I needed those skills!


Meditation twice a day helps me stay alert now and do what I need to do, without stressing out (most of the time). It takes me from a high-pitched state to a mid-level rumble. 


When college students try meditation, during the consciousness chapter, some doze off during the 1st meditation session because they don’t get enough rest. That’s okay. Two minutes of meditation gives them a starting point. And maybe they will benefit from that brief practice, especially since it’s different from their hectic pace.



What Counts?
It’s not so much about not thinking when meditating – it’s about not dwelling on those thoughts.

Here’s a technique to try – The Kwik method of quieting your mind



You are the never ending Totality of Possibility – Dr. Wade Nobles


Dr. Harriette

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