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What happens when you don’t have the resources needed to complete a task? What do you do? Well, first I try to find a way to complete the task with what I have on hand. Then, I look for help, whether that is looking up resources online or asking friends for help who might be familiar with this type of problem.


During my first year of marriage, I asked a lot of people (Edward’s MoM, Aunt Mamie, Opal) for great recipes. You see when it comes to cooking, I am a recipe person and I don’t do substitutions. I have a good number of cook books and consider it fun experimenting with new recipes.


However, my friend Patricia probably never followed a recipe as it was written ever, even the 1st time! I hasten to add, she is an Excellent cook! However, I think the ingredients in recipes are only suggestions to her. To me a recipe is a roadmap or GPS – follow it or get seriously lost. In short, I ask for help.



What do you do when you have more than you need or know something that is a “game changer”? How do you share that resource, information or skill set?


Well, I worked for an institution a few years ago that was like that. We were doing so much! When we told or showed people what we were doing, some of them thought we were just making it up. Of course, when we gave anyone access to everything we had, they quickly became a believer.  We shared with others and many more shared with us. I mean, why not? 


Yep, we were ahead of our time. We worked hard. (I admit I never worked so hard in my life!) At the end of the day, we were all better for it, as were our students and everyone on campus. Not only that, but our reach extended beyond the campus, city, state and nation. Now, I can not get back to those glory days, but they were a lived experience!


So, where we are now? We can’t go back. We have to move forward from where we are now. This is the time for us to dig deep and be who we are inside and out. To move forward with “No Deceptions”. It’s time to wake up to who we are and get the job done!



The Best
All I can ask anyone to do is their best.
I tell my students, “I believe the work you turn in to me is your best work.” Yep, I do believe people do the best they can do. Yes, I understand there are some situations where people don’t do their best, but those are exceptions to the rule.


I try to do my best for my family, my scholars, and my friends. Most importantly, I am finally beginning to do that for myself, most of the time!



What Counts?
Are you following the same recipe or are you trying variations on a theme? What have you done lately, where your reach exceeded your grasp for yourself or others?


You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.” Cesar Chavez



Thank you Coalition of Urban Resource Experts (CURE) for filling unmet needs during times of disaster.


Dr. Harriette

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    1. I had no idea about the great work CURE was doing! It is really needed and they do such a great job. More people need to hear about them and lend a hand where they can.
      Dr. Harriette

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