1. I need wisdom, knowledge, understanding and especially discernment!

2. Situations and circumstances lead me to do what I am supposed to do.

3. Do I really pray enough?

4. When I stumbled there was someone down there to pick me up.


Personal Insights
5. Death is but a transition.

6. Being with someone in pain is a small thing to do. Don’t run from it – always take the time.


My (20-year-old) Self
7. Rev. Dr. Weems asked us to write –
What do you know now that you didn’t know 20 to 30 years ago? Tell your younger self and then say, “You will be okay”:


Dear Harriette:
“Don’t worry about staying in the East working at that girls boarding school instead go back home and do co-op work at the Med Center.” “You will be okay.”


“I’m finally making some money working at the bank, but I need to continue grad school long distance taking classes (in Houston 1 1/2 hours away).” “You will be okay.”


“After college, I figured I wasn’t going to get married.” You will be okay.”



More Inspirational Words
8. “Radical women knock down the door, they are not the ‘virtuous woman’. They are not old divas or old majorettes. They have little time for chit-chat. They are Sojourner Truth and Fannie Lou Hamer.”


9. Tell your story to younger ones, not just righteous words, every woman has fallen for at least one fool. Click To Tweet


10. “There is always time to tap into unfulfilled dreams as long as you’re alive.”


11. “Devils need to tremble when you arrive. The people at the dinner table, at least, need to stop cursing.”


12. “Know people of all ages. All of your friends can’t just be in your age group.”


Thank you Rev. Caldwell-Williams & Rev. Weems for so many words of wisdom! This was but a taste.


Love, Love, Love makes you do foolish things. – Martha Reeves

Dr. Harriette

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