Dr. Harriette’s new sleeve & gauntlet

Ten Things to Remember
I have a sleeve that I use often. Okay – occasionally. No – every now and then. Okay, so I don’t always wear my lymphedema sleeve. But, I usually wear the night one. Anyway, now I will be wearing my sleeve. In fact, I ordered a new daytime one since the old one is really, really tight.


I must continue being vigilant about my left arm: I mean

1.) I’m not to even get scratched on that arm or

2.) have my blood pressure taken on it. And I definitely

3.) can’t carry a heavy load on that arm.


The threat of swelling continues so I have to remember to:

4.) jump on a mini trampoline to move the lymph,

5.) keep sunburn from occurring to that arm when I’m driving my car,

6.) do lymphatic massage,

7.) dry brushing, and

8.) tell people when giving me a manicure NOT to clip my cuticles.

For all people with lymphedema please make sure you:

9.) sleep in your sleeve, keep your arm elevated and

10.) don’t have things like rings or bracelets cutting off your circulation.


I have to take it easy. I don’t know what I did to my arm that made it swell. It just happened! It’s been over five years since some of my lymph nodes were removed! And I still have a full range of motion. Thanks to rehab people.


What Counts?
I’m thankful the doctor, who I had not seen in 3 years, let me become his new patient again. I’m fortunate to get him back again. Let’s see how it goes! I am also thankful for the doctor and staff in Tennessee’s Emergency Department.


This swelling initially wasn’t very much and then it became a little bit more. It’s one of those things that can happen again. As the Emergency Department Doctor told me – “It’s not about what happened or didn’t happen earlier, it’s how you respond to it.”  So let’s keep on pushing!


Happy World Lymphedema Day March 6

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“I’m too young to feel this old.”

Dr. Harriette



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